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Preparing Kids for the Future

Preparing kids for the future is all about equipping them to seize opportunities, and in the realm of software, parents should be conscious of the profound impact technology will have on their child's future development, especially concerning career choices.
It is highly likely that in the coming years, coding will become a fundamental aspect of education, alongside reading, writing, and arithmetic. There's a risk that children currently in school may possess a skill set that doesn't align with the jobs available when they graduate. Therefore, it's crucial for parents to encourage technological literacy and perhaps even introduce the basics of coding, irrespective of the child's other interests.
The software industry is expanding and currently faces a shortage of skilled workers. Many physically demanding jobs are shifting towards automation, indicating an increasing demand for expertise in the industry. There's a hypothesis that in the future, developers will likely work with a universal programming language, emphasizing the importance of understanding the core concepts of programming, regardless of the specific language.
This shift to technology has broader implications for parents, as children are likely to spend a significant amount of time in front of screens, similar to the current generation. According to a study by The American Academy of Pediatrics (2013) and the Canadian Pediatric Society (2010), children below the age of 2 should not be exposed to any screen time, including TV, smartphones, and tablets.
In preparing kids for the future, learning programming at a young age helps them gain advantages in thinking, processing, and communicating. It serves as a valuable tool in developing a child’s creative and technical abilities.
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