The Good Kind of Screen Time

Kids participate in live online lessons, interacting in real time with an experienced teacher
 and a small group of students. They can ask questions and get immediate answers within
 the framework of the course.

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Scratch Game Development

This course is open to students who have completed Scratch Game Development or who have completed another Scratch Course.. The course focuses on learning the fundamental computer science concepts that are at the foundation of writing clean code.

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Python Basics

You want to play a game? Then build it. In this course students build a video games using Python. Each lesson a core Python concept is introduced and learning reinforced through exercises and quizzes. It is a fun way to learn the basics of Python coding.
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HTML/CSS Basics is designed to introduce school to the fundamental concepts of web development. Each lesson focuses on a core HTML or CSS concept, providing clear explanations and examples. 

Not Using Blocks Or Preformatted Apps, But Really Learn To Code!

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Live Lessons Online

We teach live classes online. A teacher and a small group of students meet once a week on Zoom. We use technology that allows live student-teacher interaction, including screen sharing. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art Learning Management System with quizzes, exercises, and instructional videos to support the live learning process.
Learn how to create amazing products for Beginners & Advanced professionals

Recognized Curriculum

We were founded by professors from UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara. We have been focused on creating a great curriculum since the beginning. We continue to work with leading universities and are recognized as having the world’s best curriculum for kids
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Video Review

All the instructional videos are available to students throughout the course. Kids who want to catch up on missed lessons or rewatch a favorite class can listen to these recordings on demand, even on their phones!

Learning By Doing

When kids make something, they are engaged. When they are engaged, they learn. Every class includes project steps where students apply what they have learned to a real project – a game, an app, a website. Mid-terms and final exams require demonstrating these skills by building real-world projects.
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24/7 Learning Community

24/7 Learning Community
Like the internet itself, our learning community is always open. Students can write questions, thoughts, and ideas on the community forum and get a quick response from teachers and friends. The learning community, managed by the teacher, allows kids to expand their knowledge outside of class hours.

How We Communicate with Parents

Parent-teacher meetings: A few lessons after the course starts, parents are invited to a parent-teacher meeting to get to know the teacher and familiarize themselves with the course content.Periodic progress emails: During the course, parents receive emails updating them on class progress. Lesson reminders: Parents receive emails and WhatsApp messages notifying them about their child’s upcoming classes.
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UCode is Different

Kids learn to code by coding. It is like learning to play an instrument or a sport. First you need solid fundamentals, then you learn how to apply them. Practice, practice, practice.

Our curricula are based on the concepts that are the foundations of writing good code. Our courses were developed with top universities and have been refined over a decade. Experience counts and we have it.
Years Teaching

Parents Rave About us

"My daughter has been at UCode since 9th grade. She was recently accepted to Cornell University. Knowing how to code helped alot."

Xiao Li
Pasadena CA

"A very good program. It really does teach kids coding. There is a clear course progression. 5 Stars."

Ithaca, NY

"Clearly the best curriculum in the USA. And the least expensive programs we have found. My two sons love it. "

Henry D.
Menlo Park, CA.

"...many of the instructors have been teaching at UCode for years. My kids have grown up with them!"

Elaine Y.
Palos Verdes CA.

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